San Miguels Joyfullpits

                                                                    ''THE PIT BULL PUPPY''

  I was born with my eyes closed and all covered with goo, looking for milk while my mommy licked me clean  and threw, I was ready from that moment to start loving on you, A few weeks later I opened my eyes and stared wondering and exploring and looking up at you, I would run to you happy and excited ready to play like any other day, not knowing what you had in store for me at the end of the day, as we got bigger and stronger and ready for our new homes you place us in an add ''puppies 4 sale'',  as the day went by a man came with a few hundred dollars, i gave a little bark so that he'll notice me, how lucky iam cuz he pointed at me, and there i was on my way to my new home, the time we arrived im excited to play, my new owner stuck me in a cage and said '' you'll be a mean one by the end of your days'' all i wanted to do was love and play, while my new owner had other plans along the way, I would go days with out any food  hungry and lonley, not a game or toy to play, then one day my new owner come to take me out for the day, happy and excited  to be by his side,  we came to a place where i saw another dog just like me. our owners placed us in a ring, i did not want to do it and neither did he, but after being beat and shocked we both became mean, we fought and bit and mangled each other, when we should  have been outside in the sun playing with one another, I did'nt want to hurt him but the crowd was so loud and the other dog would not stop all i could do was defend myself, I clamped down on his throat till he droped, my owner came in and told me ''good boy'' and fed me a good meal as my prize , I felt loved for a moment then it was gone, I was shoved back into my kennel hungry and deprived, even after the abuse and terror he caused i still wanted to love my owner and gain his applouse, the fighting went on every week like a clock, till one day I got sick and could not do my deed so he took me out back and made me bleed, he hit me and kicked and choked me too. why? what did i do? I only wanted to love and play and be his best friend. when he was done I layed on the dirt to hurt to get up, my body did'nt want to work, as I layed there dying with tears in my eyes, I wonder how many of my brothers and sisters survived. I hope they went to good families that loved and played with them, I hope none of them had to live a life this hard , If only my first owner who had sold me, had checked in on me  now and then I might not be laying here with my body torn to the flesh, SO PLEASE  MAKE SURE YOUR BABIES GO TO A GOOD LOVING HOME WHERE THERE ARE LOTS OF SMILES AND TRICKS TO BE TOUGHT AND GAMES TO PLAY AND ALWAYS A WARM BED TO LAY ON.